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The Fostana is the unelected Upper House of the Caropsyne Parliament. It is comprised of 27 members, with three officers, or officials. The meeting of the council and its organisation is overseen by the Chair of the Fostana, who also acts as the council's spokesperson. His deputy is the Secretary of the Fostana, who is also responsible for admissions to the council, and numerous other duties. The Treasurer of the Fostana is responsible for the council's financial affairs and budgeting. The council is drawn from noble, judiciary, and clerical figures from across Carops.

The Current Officers of the Fostana

[edit] History

The Fostana is extremely important in Caropsyne History. It has been part of the Caropsyne political establishment for over a millenia, and was often relied upon for tax-raising measures and legal guidance. Even today, it is the highest court in the Pontanore. However, in the CY 5687, the Fostana seized control of Carops in the National Emergency. It then ruled the nation for sixty years, originally under Larcas, Lord Morclin as Chair, followed much later by Rolmand, Lord Roth. Fostana rule is regarded in different ways by different people. The majority of Caropsynes today see it as a generally negative period in regional history, but one where Carops was prouder and more assertive than it is today. The Fostana was in conflicts with many different regional powers, and it did successfully keep the Pontanore intact, with only one crushing military defeat, at the Battle of the South Ardalian Straits.

Fostana rule came to an end with the proclamation of Lord Roth, that democracy would return to Carops. Following Carops' first election in 60 years, Dr. Phodric Dormond was elected as Premier.

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